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Teen Vogue: How Toni Morrison Transformed Me as a South Asian Writer. 

HuffPost: Perfectionism is a Myth, Unless You're a Young Woman of Color. 

Refinery29: I'm the Daughter of Indian Immigrants, and Kamala Harris Changed the Game for All of Us.

HuffPost: How Having a Name That Nobody Can Pronounce Taught Me Who I Really Am.

Washington Post's The Lily: I'm Seventeen. Here's Why I'm Participating in the Women's March

Teen Vogue: We're Teen Journalists, and We're Ending Gun Violence.

Teen Vogue: What Colorism Feels Like as an Indian-American Woman. 

HuffPost: I Led My High School's Walkout to Demand Gun Reform. Here's What I Learned.

Harper's Bazaar: I'm Seventeen Years Old, and I'm Afraid For My Life.


NYLON: When Will Women Get A Break from Hollywood's Serial Killer Obsession? 

Teen VogueWhy White Women Need to Stop Using the Word Karen


Washington Post's The Lily: Interview with Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

Refinery29: How Youth of Color Are Reimagining the Anti-Gun Violence Movement.

Teen Vogue: For Pulse Shooting Survivor Stephanie Kersten, Dance is a Source of Healing 

Stanford Daily: Inside the Weeks-Long Human Rights Strike at Stanford-Affiliated Hotel

Stanford Daily: With Campus Visits Cancelled, Minority Admits Struggle to Imagine Their Place at Stanford


election 2020

Refinery29: Last Night Was a Big Night for Moms, Aunties, and Chitthis

Refinery29: What Was Hillary Clinton Trying To Tell Us With Her White Pantsuit?

Refinery29: Why AOC Nominated Bernie Sanders in Her 90-Second Speech

Refinery29: The Real Reason Michele Obama Said "I Hate Politics"

Refinery29: Why AOC and John Kasich are Trading Barbs

Refinery29: Could Joe Biden's National Mask Mandate Become a Reality?


YoungArts: Novel Excerpt, All The Yellow Suns (Live Reading + Musical Performance)


Refinery29: Dear Mom and Dad (Slam Poetry performance with Saida Dahir + Sam Getachew)