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Malavika can be reached at malavikawrites@gmail.com, where she is always receptive to collaboration ideas, project proposals, media inquiries, and more. 


Malavika writes personal narratives, critical analysis, opinion essays, interviews, and reported features about race, identity, South Asian America, feminism, Gen-Z, activism, politics, representation, and literature. If you're tired of grown men sermonizing and would like a fresh, nuanced, empathetic take on current issues, you should definitely hire her.

High School Students:

Malavika was accepted by fifteen top-30 colleges with multiple full ride offers, including four Ivy League universities. She is highly skilled in crafting compelling personal essays that bring young people to life, and can be hired for essay consultation. (To be clear, she will not write your essays.) She is skilled in helping young people develop fulfilling extracurriculars that enrich their genuine passions and make a positive impact in the world. She aids in applications for internships, summer programs, and scholarships.

The world at large:

If you're a socially-conscious individual, company, or organization, you can hire Malavika to consult on developing impactful, creative social media campaigns, branding, and youth-targeted content.