The Bookweaver's Daughter

Winner of the Scholastic National Medal
releasing Fall 2020

For as long as Reya Kandhari can remember, her life has been shaped by words. Words of mystique and mythology. Words of power that allow her father to bring his stories to life. Words of destiny that make her the target of tyrants who will stop at nothing to destroy magic in Kasmira.


When her father is taken, Reya must flee deep into the jungle, alone with her best friend and one ancient book. As she grapples with her newfound identity, she finds herself in the center of a war where magic reigns unchecked and destiny takes a dark turn. As the stakes get higher, Reya realizes that her father's legacy may contain more power than she ever imagined. For Reya Kandhari is more than just a fugitive-she is a symbol of revolution. And that makes her a threat.


In a tale of magic, sacrifice, and Indian mythology, Reya must pass the final test: the Bookweaver's daughter must weave her own story. The fate of Kasmira depends on it.