According to men on the internet, Malavika Kannan (pronounced Mah-LOVE-eeka. Take it slow. You've got this!) is a "liberal twig," a "young, perhaps talented woman," and also "lazy, dumb, and loose." She prefers to identify as a writer, feminist advocate, and Stanford student. Most recently, she is a Seventeen Magazine Voices of the Year honoree. She's also been featured by Good Morning America, Ms. Magazine, Dazed, and the @Instagram homepage, but her biggest flex is being reposted by Mia Khalifa on TikTok.


Malavika wrote her debut YA fantasy novel, The Bookweaver’s Daughter, when she was 17 years old. An #OwnVoices story inspired by Indian mythology, The Bookweaver's Daughter won a 2018 National Scholastic Medal and released through Tanglewood Publishing in 2020. She's written viral articles about politics, identity and culture for HuffPost, Washington Post, Teen Vogue, Refinery29, NYLON, Harper’s Bazaar, Vice, Buzzfeed News, and the San Francisco Chronicle, where she currently interns. Her writing has been awarded nationally by Scholastic Art & Writing, YoungArts, and the Library of Congress.


Beyond the page, Malavika strives to uplift her fellow girls of color. In high school, she founded Homegirl Project, a youth-led digital collective that trains girls of color in political organizing. She's organized with the Women’s March, March For Our Lives, and Giffords, and co-created Slam Gun Violence, a viral poetry campaign released by Refinery29.


When she’s not writing, Malavika enjoys beaching, snacking, thrifting, reading, and calling her representatives. You can keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter.