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Here's a fact of life: behind every strong woman, there's a community of Homegirls who support her, nourish her, and root for her to succeed. I believe that empowered women empower women, and that passionate Homegirls are an unstoppable force.


That's why I founded Homegirl Project, an online platform run entirely by teenage women of color. We seek to empower women of color by sharing their stories and uplifting their voices. On our website and Instagram, we feature Homegirls from all walks of life—teen activists, established professionals, survivors, and more. By illuminating women who have changed the world, we hope to take back control of our own narrative. Homegirl Project recently launched a digital mentorship program, linking 30 young women of color with female mentors in their dream career fields. Additionally, Homegirl Project hosts the #HomegirlsFromHistory campaign, spotlighting women of color from history who didn't get the recognition they deserved, and the #GoalDigger campaign, a resource series for high-achieving girls of color.

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